Sizzly Grain Free Flapjacks

Super Yummy!  Pictured with full fat, unsweet yogurt and strawberry preserves.

~1 egg per flapjack

For every egg add-

~1 Tbsp yogurt (see above)

~1 tsp melted or liquid fat of choice

~Splash o’ vanilla

~Pinch o’ sugar

~Dash o’ salt

Beat like crazy

Put skillet on medium (I LOVE cast iron)

~Add 1 Tbsp mashed potato flakes

Beat like crazy again then let sit while skillet gets really hot.  Just when you think it’s hot enough, give it another minute!

Add lots o’ butter or coconut oil to skillet, give mixture another quick beatin’, pour one portion into skillet.  Let/make it spread real thin, then slap a lid on it.  Once the edges look crispy and the top has set, flip it.  Add a little more butter/coconut oil around the edges.  No more lid, watch and smell the alluring sizzle develop!  Turn out on a wire rack, if you have one, to prevent it from getting soggy against a plate until you’re ready to top and devour.

Top and Devour!

Much of the above can be adjusted/substituted/experimented with to taste, but try to maintain the 1 egg, 1Tbsp yogurt, 1 Tbsp taty flakes proportions.  For instance, Bacon Fat is an excellent choice of fat too!

Lemme know how yours turned out!

UPDATE- I’ll add alterations as I think of them…

-Sour cream, loosened up a bit with milk, instead of yogurt.

-I haven’t completely replaced the taty flakes with this but did about 50/50 with the grated parmesan that you sprinkle on spaghetti.

Never. Actually. Happens. Right???

I have never experienced this fear myself but you know how some people have nightmares or anxiety attacks about leaving the house with no pants or their pants falling off in public? Never actually happens… right?

I still can’t stand wearing pants since surgery, just skirts that I can hike way up. I had one on today that requires a safety pin and made it a little too tight. Of course I was driving when I decided it was driving me nuts. I asked my BFF to please remove the safety pin for me and just toss it in the cupholder. Still too tight so I untied the string on the other side and jokingly told my BFF not to let me get out of the car with my skirt undone. Haha.

A while later we pulled into a rest stop and got out of the car. Our other traveling companion was commenting on my scarf when I suddenly noticed much more of a breeze than seemed reasonable…

I dropped my skirt in the middle of the rest stop parking lot!!! What a hoot! What a way to end a fab fun weekend with 2 great friends. Half nekkid in public and crying with laughter. Really, just the cherry on top.

Well That Was a Heckuva Thing…

I’m sure it wasn’t a new thing, but it was definitely a new thing for me.

I was out on my deck, minding my own business, doing some DIY Physical Therapy while taking in a little Solar/Vit D Therapy. All of a sudden this thing crept up on me. I’d been feeling it lurking… And, BAM!

I shall call this thing Breathe, Cry, Laugh Therapy. I was about to perform a second Sun Salutation (it’s a yoga thing) when I decided to take a little break and squatted down sorta like a turtle up on its hind feet to stretch my back (I dunno if this is a yoga thing). And it grabbed me. It went a little something like this…

Breathe… Cry… stream of consciousness thoughts about surgery… and other surgeries and issues in the same region… how awesome my kids are… Laugh… go with it!

I worked my way back up to standing with a few more cycles of Breathing, Crying, streaming thoughts, and Laughing. Just when I reached my throat, RJ the rooster crowed, “How the f*!# are yooooouuuuu???”! (At least that’s what my friend, the Rooster Translator, told me…) That really made me laugh! And realized I should let my voice out too… birth of a blog.

Another round or two of Breathe, Cry, Laugh and the thing ran it’s course, for now. I might have another 2 or 1 of these things…

By the way, I’m glad we don’t live close enough to the neighbors for the thing to have scared them!

How it All Began

Starting behind the 8 ball… This is my big garden out back. Fallow last year, 2014, due to campaign-burnout. Fallow this year due to a 3-4lb ‘watermelon’ growing in my gut, making me feel pretty bad, then watermelon removal on July 2nd. Said removal required a vertical incision bisecting 8-9in of muscle on my abdomen.

Believe it or not, there are many silver linings! The family has managed to keep 2 chickens alive for over a year and enjoyed the eggs of 1 hen. There’s a ton of biomass to add organic material to our still-heavy soil. There’s a ton of weed seeds to create voluntary cover crops next year and more biomass as I pull out the unwanted species. I’ve had more time to learn about permaculture and now realize that I need to make our gardens a little more self sufficient and perennial. I have a golden opportunity to rehab my body and ‘permaculture’ it as well.

All this has got me thinking about doing a blog. Starting with something that looks as bad as my garden and feels as bad as I did and charting the progress of permaculturing it all. Permaculturing life. Topics like, gardening, breathing, moving, eating well, micro biome, diy home and personal care, sunshine, dirt, etc. All with a little resistance-is-fertile spice!